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It’s messy out there.
Clean it up with Crocodile Cloth®

Crocodile Cloth® was created to address the problems with ordinary, wimpy cleaning wipes. They’re bigger, thicker and super-absorbent, so one cloth is all you need for most jobs. The cleaning solution is specially formulated to cut through grease, oil and adhesives without harsh chemicals that dry out hands or damage surfaces.

Crocodile Cloth® fills a critical hole on store shelves. They’re the only disposable cleaning cloth designed specifically for the industrial, manufacturing, DIY, automotive, construction and outdoor markets. We’re confident that once your customers try Crocodile Cloth®, they’ll never go back to ordinary wipes.

Product Features

  • Super-size cloths (15 x 10 inches) for faster, easier cleanup—as much as 4X the cleaning power of an ordinary wipe!
  • Highly absorbent, low-lint nonwoven material collects and retains dirt like a microfiber cloth.
  • Non-drying, alcohol-free formula is savage on dirt but gentle on hands, with aloe and Vitamin-E to condition skin.
  • Safe for use on nearly all surfaces, including plastic, vinyl, metal, wood, bamboo, leather, carpets and fabrics.

Product Family

Our original Crocodile Cloth® was designed for cleanup of industrial-size messes in greasy, grimy workplaces. Ideal for factory, construction and other messy sites.

Safe on car parts and components, cuts though automotive grease, oil and dirt. Ideal for auto shop, garage, roadside rescue or auto detailing.

The perfect cloth for painting surface prep. Use for damp-dusting and removal of oils, adhesives and residues prior to painting. Safe on wood, metals and other surfaces.

For fast cleanup of all kinds of messes around the house, garage or workplace. Tackles grease, grime and dirt on all surfaces. Biodegradable.

Stay clean on the go, even in places with no water available. For campers, hunters, anglers, boaters, RV-ers, picnickers and outdoor enthusiasts. Biodegradable.

Keep your grill and BBQ tools clean as a whistle and outdoor furniture and coolers sparkling. Cleans sticky, baked-on grease and food or outdoor grime. Biodegradable.

Dual-action cleaning and sanitizing hand wipes with a proven bacterial kill rate of 99.99%, they are perfect for medical environments, schools, offices and homes.

Kills harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi while being gentle on skin. Meets FDA requirements for microbial efficacy and skin safety.

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