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Get a handle on pallet wrapping with the Grip® system.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without Grip®. The innovative Grip® dispenser and hand stretch film give you a perfect wrap, every time. The lightweight, ergonomic dispenser features adjustable tension control and secure non-slip core retention so it’s easy to maintain proper tension and safely secure loads. The handle is designed to allow fast, easy wrapping at any height without back strain. Grip® hand film is engineered for high stretch and cling to give you unbeatable load security, even on uneven or difficult loads.

Product Features

  • 40% savings in storage space, transport costs, roll change time and downtime.
  • Faster wrapping; reduced “necking down” means fewer wrap cycles per pallet.
  • Incredibly self-gripping film that automatically contracts when applied, providing a “strapping effect” for extra stability.
  • Secure, non-slip core retention; core interfaces seamlessly with the dispenser.
  • Easy tension control and speed thread for rapid lock/unlock and roll change.
  • Super-tough skid plate for wrapping low loads without strain on back.

Product Family

Grip® Film Dispenser

Stretch film dispenser with a unique lightweight, ergonomic design for faster wrapping with less strain.

Grip® Film

Self-gripping hand film with excellent load security and pallet stabilization, even on difficult loads.

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